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     Open Joint Stock Company "Bobruysktrikotazh" was established by the Constituent Assembly of "Bobruysktrikotazh" from 30.12.1999. by converting the rental companies' Bobruysktrikotazh "and registered by the Mogilev Regional Executive Committee 24.02.2000. № 4-13.

     At the moment "Bobruysktrikotazh" is part of the Belarusian State Concern for the production and sale of light industry ("Bellegprom").

   Open Joint Stock Company "Bobruysktrikotazh" specializes in manufacturing muszhkoy's, women's, children's clothing and knitted goods for the home, leisure and sport. And also in the manufacture of specialized clothing with company logo of the customer for workers in various fields of business.

Assortment of ptoducts: sport clothing, trousers, shorts, capri pants, shirts, tops, sweaters, suits, jackets, sweaters, underwear, etc.

In addition, the company produces sports clothing with the logo of the World Hockey Championship 2014 и clothing with the national symbols of the Republic of Belarus.

Annually produces more than 500 models. The volume of children's goods in total production is 70%.

     "Bobruysktrikotazh" delivers its products to the domestic market and the near and far abroad.

The company located in new industrial buildings, equipped with modern knitting, finishing and sewing equipment and has a high potential for knitting the fabric, its finishing and sewing knitwear.

The company fulfills orders for a number of foreign countries: Italy, Holland, USA, Czech Republic, etc..

The company has a large production capacity . Provision of modern technological equipment allows to produce knitwear for children and adults of various fabrics , both for winter and summer period. The list of stitches , knitting machines produced by 18, 20 , 28 classes - the most diverse : from simple - stockinette , lastichnoe , interlock , to the complex ( patterned ) - Refine lined , plush . To improve the quality of consumer indicators - shrinkage on the canvas , improve the appearance, size of the stabilization in the dyeing and finishing shop set finishing line of the Swiss company " Santeks " and the German firm " Textima " ejector dyeing machines by " Tiss " (Germany ) . In order to improve the appearance and properties of consumer products for each type of fabric in accordance with the assortment , every season is developing a new range of colors using fabrics for dyeing of acid dyes. Improve the appearance of the product also contributes to the implementation of enterprise technology dry printing on a cut with the use of dyes and drugs firms ' Tanateks "and" Bayer ".

"Bobruysktrikotazh" more than 77 years has its own niche in the production and sales of knitted fabrics and products. Brand "Bobruysktrikotazh" - a women's, men's and children's clothing from knitwear, this trendy design elements, modern colors, high quality tailoring, which meets all the requirements.




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